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Cloud Accounting


We are excited to offer a cloud-based accounting service for small business owners. Technology has changed the accounting profession in a very profound and meaningful way. Small businesses are now able to access their accounting data anywhere and at any time via an internet connection. The programs are revolutionary and give businesses the freedom to do business while being fully mobile. The cost savings are also significant based on time saved.

With a cloud-based accounting program, there’s no need to backup your data, this is done automatically and continuously. If your data is on your hard drive on a desktop, the risk of losing your data is higher, since, a computer hard drive may crash or your computer may be lost or stolen. With our system, your data and information is secure and confidential.

Providing your accounting data to your accountant is much easier. With a desktop accounting program, there may be issues in transferring data to your accountant at year end – such as large files via email.
With a cloud-based program, our firm would be able to access your data via the internet, this is a much more collaborative effort. There’s no need to transfer files using a USB flash drive.

Sit Lim, CPA’s are certified with several cloud-based platforms. Click here for more information.

Please contact us to discuss the right cloud-based solution for your business.

Staying ahead of COVID-19

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, our office shall be closed until further notice. Meetings may still be scheduled by appointment only.

Rest assured that staff at Sit Lim, CPA’s shall continue to deliver tax and accounting services. Should clients need to drop off records, kindly slide them in our postal slot or email documents to respective staff. We shall be checking mail daily.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information.

Thank you for your attention to this matter and stay safe.